Easy Scholarships for College – Featuring No Essay Scholarships

Each year the cost of college rises. Those leaving college with student loans will often end up with an average of $25,000 in debt when they graduate. This does not include students graduate school, which raises the total by thousands of dollars. Many current and future students do not want to leave college buried under mounds of debt, so they are looking for alternative ways to pay for their higher education.

Of course, the more of your college expenses you can pay for as you go, the better. Getting work study or other campus jobs can help with living expenses and may pay for textbooks, but full time students need time to study. These campus jobs may pay only minimum wage, but they often do have the advantage of working around class schedules. Students may try to minimize college expenses by riding a bike instead of driving a car; attending a college in-state rather than out of state; or choosing a public rather than a private university. Another way to minimize student loan debt is through finding easy scholarships and grants. Particularly, no essay scholarships are among the easiest to apply for.

Easy Scholarships Without Essays

Easy Scholarships for College - No Essay ScholarshipsMany current and future college students are not aware of the plethora of college money that might be made available to them simply by filling out some online forms. Why would someone want to just give out free money? Organizations and companies are often interested in providing educational opportunities, and they use it as a charitable expense or tax write offs. Some of these companies often have very few niche desires they want met. They simply want to give the money away to a student or students who can use take full advantage of it. These types of scholarships are often open to just about any US citizen who is 18 years or over and is either currently attending or planning to attend college or university in the near future.

Advantages of No Essay Scholarships

Many traditional college scholarships require applicants to meet specific qualifications in order to apply. There may be grade point average requirements to be met, attendance records, sports or musical talents, or other various details. Most of these scholarships not only require specific merits, but the students often must spend a great deal of time writing an essay on why they deserve the scholarship more than anyone else. Writing these essays take time, energy, and also some writing talent or skills.

If you plan to study English or journalism, then writing scholarship or grant essays might be right up your alley. However, for students who have a propensity toward math, science, or the arts, spending dozens of hours writing an essay may still not yield a scholarship award. This is not because they don’t deserve it, but because their writing skills are simply not their strong point. In order to counter this, some students have taken to paying their friends who have  writing talents to write scholarship essays for them. But this costs money and still has no guarantee to produce any extra money for college in the long run.

No essay scholarships are easy because they usually require very little time and effort to fill out the application. Just the basic contact information, and sometimes college career intentions, are typically all that is needed. After that, your job is done and all you need to do is cross your fingers and wait to be notified if you’ve won!

Disadvantages of Non Essay Scholarships

One of the challenges of winning college scholarships that do not require essays is that the competition is often more steep. As there are few qualifying factors to limit the number of applicants, there are likely more people who are in the running. In addition, rather than basing scholarships on merit which you might excel in, the drawings are typically done at random. However, because the time you spend filling out the forms is so minimal, the risk is minimal.

Is It Easy to Get a No Essay Scholarship?

Getting awarded a no essay scholarship is not guaranteed, but applying for them is certainly easy. That’s what makes it attractive. The application process is so simple that there is very little risk involved if you do not win. For most of these scholarships, just as with most other sweepstakes type contests, the winners are chosen randomly. The odds of winning one of these no essay scholarships are completely based on how many applicants there are. Just like playing the lottery, if you don’t enter then you can’t win. However, unlike the lottery these scholarship applications don’t cost anything but a few minutes of your time to apply!

Because there are dozens of no essay scholarships which you can attempt to get, one important step in taking control of your college scholarship experience is getting organized when you begin. Keeping a spreadsheet or notebook filled with a list of the college scholarships or grants for which you have applied will help you keep track of your applications. Include on your list the contact information, date you applied, what the potential amount is if you win, and the award date–so you know when to check back. Some scholarships allow you to enter once a week, once a month, or once a year. Make note of when you are eligible to apply again, and give yourself a deadline for doing so.

Where to Look for Easy Scholarships

No Essay Scholarships - WebsitesA simple online search may give you a few results when you are looking for easy money for college, and that’s a good place to begin. But when you are serious about looking for scholarships or grants, don’t limit your search to just that. If you are still in high school, ask your advisor for a list of available scholarship and grant options for which you might qualify.

Also inquire at the college or university you are planning to attend. Many times higher education facilities will have money that is available to be given away which remains unclaimed because no one applied for it! Find out which scholarships or grants you might be eligible for, particularly those which have money available which has yet to be designated. Ask your academic advisor or the financial aid office for a list of unclaimed scholarship funds that might be available. This is definitely preferable to loans because you don’t have to pay them back!

Websites to Apply for No Essay Scholarships

Though not comprehensive, here is a starter list (in no particular order) for you to begin applying for college money:

Or you can CLICK HERE to get the full comprehensive list of every single scholarship that has been featured on this website.

Cappex “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship. Cappex is a company which provides college decision-making tools to students, as well as information about how to pay for college. This particular scholarship is made for well rounded students who are not necessarily at the top of their classes academically. Applicants provide information on extracurricular, volunteer, or leadership activities and are entered to win a $1,000 scholarship to an accredited college or university. Cappex offers different themed scholarships throughout the year so be sure to check back on their website often for updated information.


American Fire Sprinkler Association. Created with the hope of educating the public on fire sprinkler safety, these scholarships are available in two categories: high school seniors, or “second chance” for high school grads or equivalent. To apply, you simply read some information about fire sprinkler safety and then take an open book, ten question quiz online. Each correct answer gives the applicant one entry. Prizes for high school seniors are 10 scholarships of $2,000 each. Awards for second chance applicants are 5 scholarships of $1,000 each.


College Prowler “No Essay ” Scholarship. Every month this company gives away a $2,000 scholarship to the winner of a random drawing, and the money can be used for tuition, housing, books, computers, or other educational expenses. You must apply each month in order to qualify for the current drawing.


Sussle Scholarship. $500 awarded every month! Sussle offers a unique scholarship that lets students help others by simply posting interesting knowledge just like you do on your favorite social networks. The information you post gets voted on and judged (judges chosen by participants) and whoever gets the most votes in a particular month wins the scholarship.


College Submission. This company offers a service for high school students hoping to connect with college representatives of schools they are interested in. A $1,001 college scholarship is awarded at random. Applicants need only to fill out a short application in order to qualify

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation. This charitable organization was created with the intention of providing equal educational and financial options for students. Any high school, college, or graduate student can apply, as well as their parents on their behalf. No essays are required, but competition is based upon quizzes with random facts about, well, almost anything. Quiz scores are based upon correct answers and the time it takes to provide the answers. Funds can be used at any college or university in the United States and amounts range from $250 to $2,500.


Sallie Mae. A company specializing in student loans, Sallie Mae offers this monthly$1,000 scholarship drawing to anyone who registers to use their scholarship search tool. There is also a scholarship option available for parents to apply for.


Scholarship.com “Haiku Ninja Facebook Scholarship”. Not into writing essays? How about a haiku? This is offered to the student who does the best job writing a haiku (you know, the poem with three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables) about how the website has assisted them in their search for money to pay for college. It simply has to be posted on their Facebook page in order to and the winner gets a $1,000 scholarship.


Scholarship.com “Tell a Friend” Sweepstakes. Simply enter into the contest to get your own customized link. Then use the link to share through email, Facebook, Twitter, blog or IM. If any of your friends click on the link, you’ll get entered in to win a $1,000 scholarship. If you win, then one of your friends will be chosen at random for a $500 scholarship as well. Are you selling out by sharing this info so that the website gets “free” advertising? Maybe. Is it worth a chance at $1,000? Probably!


School Grants Blog. This blog has begun offering a $500 scholarship to those who register on their website who are full time students. More opportunities to be entered into the contest are offered for those who share the website information with their friends. The winner must agree to be featured on their website with their “name in lights”. But that’s doesn’t seem like too much of a sacrifice for the potential of winning five hundred bucks!


US Bank. This financial services company gives back to the community by awarding $40,000 in college scholarships each year. If you are a United States citizen and a high school or college student, you are eligible to apply. Forty applicant names are drawn at random each August for scholarships of $1,000 given to each winner.


Zinch. While it’s not an essay, if you are willing to write an answer about as long as a tweet, you can apply for a $1,000 college scholarship giveaway each week available to high school seniors and college students. This site is devoted to listing college scholarship information, so while you’re there it might be helpful to take a look around and see what else you might find.


Whether your after college plans are to be a scientist, an actor, a veterinarian, or a math teacher, applying for these and other no essay scholarships is one of the easiest things you can do to get started. Finding easy scholarships or other money for college or university is a great way to begin on your path toward pursuing a higher education.


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